The Story Behind The Song ‘Just A Little Faith’

I had a cousin who was close to us. She had spent some years living with us before getting married and she had 2 little girls. 

Last year, she took ill, and within a couple of weeks, it became clear, she was really unwell. A couple of weeks later, she passed on and went to be with the Lord, leaving behind her daughters with her husband. We think she may have developed some kind of cancer that wasn’t diagnosed early and quickly led to her demise. I can remember seeing the text, remember hearing my mum crying, and all I could think was oh my God, those 2 little girls. My heart was breaking  and as I’m typing this right now, I’m struggling to hold back the tears. 

Sometimes, the unimaginable happens and we are completely floored. The future looks bleak and the only thing we have faith for is to take the next breath, and sometimes, that’s a struggle.  We certainly don’t have faith for the situation,  In our heads, we know We will eventually get there, but the we are still reeling from the trauma and the realisation that this is not what we planned at all and our lives have been forever altered. All we have isn’t faith at that time. Its denial, then grief and anger. 

The bridge of this song is for situations like these, when we feel we have no faith. It’s a comforting reminder to give God your tears, your grief, your questions, even your anger. He’ll take them, He’ll sit with you, weep with you, Hebrew 4:15 says, Jesus understands our struggles, sympathizes and empathizes with us because he went through it himself. 

 Most importantly, the song reminds us that when we give these to him, he’ll take it and work it for our good. We may not be able to see in the depths of our sorrow, but God will bring you through this to a beautiful place of hope, peace and fulfilment in him. 

I got the idea for this song, listening to a preacher who had had a similar experience, losing his father who had been a pastor at a young age and I found his story comforting. I hope this song brings comfort to every one going through a valley, a tough or hard place in their life. Even if all you have is just a little faith, or no faith, give what you have to God, he’ll bring you through this. 

Have you been through a similar experience? I would love to hear how you got through it or any lessons you learned along the way. Please share your thoughts below.

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