1. On his Mind
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On his Mind

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Verse 1
Looking back through the years
You have been my Jehovah Jireh
A constant flow of supply
You gave to me
And you have been my Jehovah Shalom
You completed me
You were my peace
In the midst of the storm

Pre Chorus
So I refuse to worry about my tomorrow
where my help is gonna come from
I refuse to worry

Cause I’m on his mind
Yes I’m on his mind
he says to let not my heart be troubled

his peace he gave to me
he’s overcome the world for me
He’ll always come through for me

Verse 2
Looking up at the birds of the air
And the trees of the field
They’re always clothed
they’re always covered by the creator
And the very same God
has promised to take care of me
So no matter what goes on around me
I’ll always rely on my him

Pre chorus


Bridge 1
No money in my pocket
I’ll look to Jesus
No food on my table
I’ll look to Jesus

In the dark of the night no one around
I’ll look to Jesus
He is my very present help in time of need

Bridge 2
Pain in my body
I’ll look to Jesus
Confusion around me
I’ll look to Jesus
No matter what I go through
I’ll look to Jesus
He’s faithful, dependable
He’ll always come through