The Harmony and Healing Project; Mental Health Skills For Teenagers

Mental Health Skills for children is a resource started by Paediatrician, speaker and singer-songwriter Ebi Oginni with the aim of equipping children and their carers with skills needed to promote good mental health, prevent deterioration when there are mental health concerns while waiting for intervention form health care professionals. 

It's Part of her latest project called the Harmony and Healing Project where she's aiming to improve mental health through music and interviews.

In this episode, she talks to Claire about Journaling. 


Claire Macpherson is a professional NLP and Mindset Coach, a NLP Master Practitioner with an advanced level Life coaching certificate. Initially a qualified performing arts secondary school teacher, after having her children, she reinvented herself. She has always been passionate about supporting people in achieving their best results and becoming an NLP Coach has been a natural extension of that. Over the past 10 years within the coaching sector, her coaching business has grown and developed. She now supports new coaches in building their own coaching practices, alone with offering individual and group coaching on mindset, confidence, resilience and leadership. 

Episode 2 of the Harmony And Healing Project Featuring Paul Becque

Today I am joined by a renowned speaker and Coach Paul Becque to talk about breath work, mindfulness and affirmations Discover how you can use these pauses, just taking time to JUST STOP AND BREATH to improve and change the trajectory of your day - The power of mindfulness and self awareness - The power of Affirmations and how to do it right

Help your child start to incorporate this into their routine to make it a habit by signing up for 10£ per month to become a mental health champion for your child. I'll be sending you weekly emails  to with activities to do with your child based on the mental health skills discussed in the upcoming episodes.