1. Someday Soon
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Someday Soon

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Yesterday I failed again
Despite giving my best
overcome with disappointment
Was this close to giving in
Yesterday I missed the Mark
Really tried not to feel like a failure
To find the strength to start again
And realise he’s got a plan

Pre chorus
So today
Hope fills my heart
I’ve got another chance to win

Someday I know I’ll make it
Just gotta keep on moving
I’ve got all I need
deep down inside of me
Someday I know I’ll make it
I’ll get back up and keep fighting
The greater one lives within
I know I’ll make it
Someday soon
Someday soon

One foot in front of the other 2x

Verse 2
I tell myself to stay strong
There’s a lesson here to learn
Sometimes we fail so we can
Figure out how to win
Many success stories are filled
With failures that came before
So I’ll let go of my past
And Keep pressing on

Don’t quit stay strong
I know you can make it