Ebi Oginni is a Nigerian-born Irish singer songwriter who has dedicated her time to bringing healing to the people around her. She currently balances working as a paediatrician during the day with writing songs during her free time to bring hope and healing to her listeners. 

Ebi was born into a family of singers and honed her craft through the years by singing in church and at christian conferences. She has just released her debut album titled hope and had a powerful live concert in the city of Derby UK to share it . This album features songs that have been written during the pandemic to bring encouragement and hope to people. Her first and second singles have made it unto the top 5 contemporary gospel tracks on the UK christian charts. 

Ebi has overcome many challenges on her journey, from her childhood to finishing medical school and currently in her training as a paediatrician. She got through these trials through her faith and sheer tenacity. She has learned the value of resilience and hopes that her music will bring to her listeners contagious joy and persevering faith to keep them moving forward towards their dreams and aspirations, no matter what.

Ebi is married to the love of her life Olayinka and they are blessed with 2 boys Seth and Nathan.

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