1. Carry You
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Carry You

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Carry you

Hush child
I know your heart is breaking
You have a lot of questions
You wondering why
But this did not come
to leave you broken
I’ll put the pieces back
even stronger than before

Ohh if you’ll only trust me
Trust the word
I gave to you
So ooo
Long ago
Ooh o o oh
If you’ll only trust me
Lean on my promises
I’ll carry you through this

Breathe child
I know your world is shaken
You doubt that you’ll be standing
at the end of the storm
you’ll not be overwhelmed
And you’ll experience
a new side of me in
a glorious way

Oh if you’ll abide in me
I’ll prune you
to make you more beautiful
If you’ll just sit at my feet
And let my fire Refine you
and bring out the gold in you

Chorus 2
Ohh I will trust you
Trust the words you gave to me
So ooo long ago
Oh ooo
I will trust you
Lean on your promises
You’ll carry me through this