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Be The Best You Can

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Be the best you can
Verse 1
Driving home after a hard days work
All these questions in my head
Could I have said this
Should I have done that
Oh I don’t measure up
I’m not like them
I turned up the radio and I heard these words

We’re all on different journeys
Each one with their own calling
So there’s no need to be just like another
We can only use the giftings
That we have been given
So friend be the best you can

Verse 2
She was truly happy for her friend
as her name was called for the award
But deep down she couldn’t
Help but wonder when
And if her time ever will appear
I turned and I said these words


oh the beauty We’ll see
when we all come together
Each unique one finding their own purpose
We’re being designed and shaped
by a master creator
he’ll make us beautiful in his time